Did you make memories this summer?

I hope you all have made some great memories with your family this summer. I am so thankful to have been a part of helping with those vacation memories for many of you.  For some, summer is not over yet. So there is still time to get out there and have some fun!

From taking GoPro videos to creating a personal travel blog to sharing photos on Instagram with a dedicated hashtag, there are many fun ways to hold on to your summer adventures. Here are some of my favorite ways to capture memories. 

5 Ways to Capture your Family Summer Travel Memories 

1. Make Scrapbook Pages.  This is a fantastic way to encourage kids to help with capturing memories. Keep your ticket stubs, postcards, and travel souvenirs to cut and paste with your own photos. Let the kids help journal and boost their writing skills. Decorate your pages with fun colors and stickers. 

2. Take Videos.  My kids had so much fun this year using a GoPro camera on the beach, in the ocean, pool, and sliding down water slides. They made silly side videos to document their adventure and even played tour guide. Capturing their voices and laughter to listen to for years to come is priceless. 

3. Share Photos on Instagram. Did you know you can set up your own private Instagram account for your kids? Encourage them to share and post photos along with yours throughout your trip. You can even create your own unique hashtag, like #HicksFamilyAdventure2015, so you can easily find them all in one place. We love sharing for our family and friends who ask to follow our travel adventures. 

4. Buy a Christmas Ornament. Whenever we take a trip, we always find a special dated Christmas ornament from that location. Each year as we put up our tree, we are excited to see our different ornaments and remember all of the fun places we have been together. We have a carved wooden turtle from Hawaii, a hand painted ornament from Turks and Caicos, and several Mickey Mouse ornaments from Disney.

5. Find a Unique Treasure. We collect small treasures from each trip to remember what we loved about the location. We have bought pressed pennies, shells, straw baskets, even a piece of lava rock. These treasures do not have to be big or bulky items. I collect trading pins from Walt Disney World from each resort we have stayed in and keep them all on a lanyard in my office.

Share some of your ideas with us!