What's in your cup?

I am a member of a wonderful group called Gifted Travel Network. Not only do they serve as my host agency, supporting my business, but they also support me as an individual. We have weekly calls to learn, encourage, and mentor one another. My team coaches me,  and often shares new and exciting ways to grow with my business.   
Today we had one of our calls, and I just had to share with all of you part of our discussion. 

A couple of ladies from our group attended Brendan Buchard's "High Performance Academy" this past weekend. He is a motivational speaker and marketing trainer. During our call, one of the ladies summarized what they learned at the conference. Of all the valuable insights she shared, I wrote down an acronym that meant a lot to me. The acronym represented ways that we should strive to treat our clients and everyone else around us. It is using the word cup, and spelled out below:


Can you imagine how different our world might be if everyone did these 3 things? What if we applied it to our families, our businesses, and the people we interact with everyday? We can care by being kind, patient, forgiving, and compassionate. We can try to lift each other up with encouraging words. We can praise the accomplishments of others, especially our spouse and children. We can have a heart of praise and thankfulness to God for all of His blessings. Wow! What a great reminder for me today.    

I know that I didn't share with you about travel this week, but thanks for letting me share a little of what was on my heart. Maybe we can all remember to fill our "CUP" with these actions.